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Parents Coaching

Empowering You to Parent your Sensitive Child


As a parent of a sensitive child, you understand the profound joy and unique challenges that come with nurturing their well-being.


At Sakura, we specialise in providing support and guidance to parents of sensitive children, helping you navigate this journey with confidence and clarity.

My mission is to empower parents to support their sensitive children, helping them thrive in every aspect of their lives.

Highly sensitive children are often misunderstood, but their sensitivity is the very foundation of their greatest strengths. Sensitive children are deep thinkers, compassionate, intuitive, creative, introspective, curious, thoughtful, pay attention to details, think outside the box, are emotionally intelligent, have a strong sense of justice and so much more.

Learning to recognise and celebrate these strengths, and accepting sensitive children for who they are, and not who we think they should be, isn’t just about acknowledging their unique gifts—it’s about nurturing their self-esteem and helping them thrive.

My coaching sessions are designed to provide you with tools and approaches to support your sensitive child's development and wellbeing. Whether you're facing challenges with managing your child's emotions, fostering their self-esteem and confidence, or navigating difficult situations, I am here to help.

Through personalised coaching sessions, we'll work together to:

  • Understand your child's unique strengths and needs

  • Give you the tools to build your child’s confidence at school and other social settings

  • Create a supportive and nurturing home environment

  • Empower you to cultivate emotional regulation in your child

  • Cultivate resilience in both you and your child

  • Strengthen your bond with your child and build a strong foundation for their future success


My coaching services are tailored to meet your specific needs and goals as a parent. I offer flexible scheduling and convenient online sessions, so you can access support from the comfort of your own home.

I deliver my programmes both in English and In French

Join the Sakura family today.

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