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Online Course for Parents

Become the parent your sensitive child needs to thrive...

This course is for YOU if:

  • You need tools to effectively navigate your sensitive child's big emotions, doubts, fears, and questions.

  • You want strategies to respond calmly and confidently when your child's intense emotions surface.

  • You want self-assurance and confidence in your parenting approach to your child's high sensitivity.

  • You want to understand how to nurture and maintain your sensitive child's self-belief.

  • You want to enhance your parenting skills to raise a happy and resilient child.

  • You want tools to talk to your sensitive child in ways that resonate and support their self-belief.

  • You want to motivate your sensitive child to embrace new experiences with confidence.

Use EARLYBIRD at checkout to get the EARLY BIRD PRICE: £89, instead of £119 




"I feel significantly calmer and more confident in how I approach my child's high sensitivity."


"Very educational, comprehensive with lots of practical examples/tools to use. Very well-structured - very clear. Love it."


"A very accessible course with engaging and relatable content content, both for parents new to the topic of high sensitivity and for those who have already explored it." 

"The programme has empowered me to fine-tune my responses to better meet my child's needs"


"Very engaging content, very well explained, easy to follow, and understand the different concepts/approaches."


"The course has enabled me to share the concept of high sensitivity with my husband, helping us understand how to respond to our children's behaviour, articulate emotions, and learn how to foster their self-confidence."


"I now feel a strong urge to help my children navigate their "less accepted" emotions better and to encourage them to be proud of who they are."

Lifetime access to 15 videos that you can watch at your own pace, with accompanying resources including journaling exercises, meditation, EFT tapping and more to help you implement the learnings.

What to expect: 

  • A Deep Understanding of High Sensitivity in Children: Gain insights into what it means to be a sensitive child. 

  • Learn how to validate your child's emotions and stay genuinely calm in the storm.

  • Explore your own relationship with high sensitivity, which will allow you to better support your child. 

  • Concrete and Effective Tools: Learn how to: 

    • Cultivate self-love and confidence in your sensitive child. 

    • Help them develop a positive and confident inner voice. 

    • Encourage your child to discover and harness their greatest strengths. 

    • Support your child to step out of their comfort zone and thrive.

Early Bird Price available until 13th July only, £89 instead of £119! Use EARLYBIRD at checkout.

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